Review of Bobbie Boob's "Biscuit Circuit Discus Circus Furnace Surfer" on Two Gregs One Podcast

Skip ahead to 22:22 to get straight to the bit about Bobbie Boob.

Bobbie Boob was recently featured on the Two Gregs One Podcast show. They have a quick look at the history of the band and dig into the newest album, "Biscuit Circuit Discus Circus Furnace Surfer," their 9th full-length release. Also featuring material from Universe Contest, Glowfriends and Big Quit

Half-Gone, Roll Along by Mindless Machines Audio Lab

“Half-Gone, Roll Along”

Original Performance: 02/14/2013
Re-release: none

Recorded live on Valentine's Day, 2013. Due to technical difficulties in recording and streaming, we were unable to capture audio for this session… well, in reality we were able to capture half of the channels, hence the name. Roll along, little doggies.

Four Phantom Stems by Mindless Machines Audio lab

"Four Phantom Stems"

Original performance: 02/01/2013
Re-release: 02/15/2019

The ball was rolling and we were excited to see what would come next. Four Phantom Stems is our fourth recorded session and it should be fitting that we added a fourth performer to the mix. Faulty cables had been dealt with and a better physical arrangement was utilized to create what turned out to be a better-quality recording of a rather fun Audio Lab session. While still a bit rough around the edges, we were having fun and becoming more cohesive with every session.